Talea Neverwinter

Talea Neverwinter - a Sorceress of Sylvan blood.. Accmpanied by Argus the Wolf, Totem Guide animal companion. You looking for Long, green hair and pointy ears? here you go!


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Talea Neverwinter
female CG Elf (humanoid (Elf)) Sorcerer – feyblooded, Level 5, Init 2, HP 35/35, Speed 30 ft
AC 12, Touch 12, Flat-footed 10, Fort 3, Ref 4, Will 6, Base Attack Bonus 2 (+2 Dex)
Abilities Str 8, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 18
Condition: None

- -Animal Companion. Argus, Wolf Totem Guide – -
HD: 2; Size: Medium; Speed: 50 ft; AC: 2 NA; Attacks: Bite 3(1d6+1 plus trip);
Ability scores: str: 13, dex: 15, con: 15, Int: 2, Wis: 12, Cha: 6;
SQ: Low-light Vision, Scent, LInk, Share Spells
HP: 11/11; BAB: 1; F/R/W: 5/5/2; AC: 14 Touch: 12 Flat-footed: 12

Feats: Weapon Focus (Bite), Combat Reflexes
Skills: Perception 1(5), Acrobatics: 1(5/13), Survival: 1(2)
Bonus tricks: Down,


Spells: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HYgQoVMGRFBeJqk-8ozswwf7TEhBmd6_ss8ENsBPm40/edit?usp=sharing
Downtime Investments:

Physical and personality Desc:
Talea Neverwinter is on the greener side of Elven looks. Long, green hair, blue eyes like water pools, fair skin of lovely tan (not just human tan, but a lovely tan). Fairly tall, nicely shaped, and a healthy set of pearly whites. For an outfit, Taea has a few that are accented to look a bit out of place – one lacks a sleeve, or is artfully cut to show up one side of a mid-rift, recolored clothes to brighter or darker colors depending (prestidigation).
Fey/Sylvanblood aspects:
Talea often smells of flowers, or the scent is added to wahtever else. her hair never stays short for very long if cut – often the same length again by the next day. It sometimes moves by itself as well, either by a false breeze or as if creeping vines. When there are butterflies about they tend to be drawn to her and plucked flowers seem to stay fresh in her hair, at least until they are removed, then they wilt to what they normally would be like after a set time.

Talea is good natured, but given her chaotic side, living in a forest, in a place without much need for laws (and a little bit of her blood perhaps), She can also be impish, flirty, and in rare times, vindictive. A joke that involves stealing a item fro ma shopkeep that is heating his customers is more in line than an innocent shopkeep. She sympathizes with the poorer folk who toil away their lives, especially if they have that look that calls out to seeing more with it. She likes animals, though apart from Argus doesn’t try to tame them all, and while she may flirt, for the current time, she isn’t planning on any serious relationships. She loves to sing, and often hums when working.

From the Forests of Kess’rea, Talea Neverwinter sprang from a family of Miss’tea and Jal’tssealo Neverwinter. She has an elder brother named Endtaren and a younger sister named Cristy. Unfortunately, Talea is technically their half-sibling.From some point or another, an unknown Fey tricked her Mother, and she was born. And od situation, but Jar’tssealo does not hold it against Miss’tea, who had not known she wasn’t with him at hte time of conception.

The Neverwinter family are fresh in their lives with pioneering – but also in their livelihood. They tend to plants and crops That excel in the forest, as well as things such as mushroom hunting. As Such, they are far from the richest or most comfortable family around, but they made do. Besides, if you don’t work, you don’t eat! You can’t let little things throw you of too much at this level.

So, Talea grew up with light scandal (for her unknown parentage Didn’t really come up until later on), helping to tend to the plants, learning about the forest, and making ends meet. She had friends, and laughs, and as Elven ways can sometimes be, a few lovers along the way. Nothing ever really came of those partners though, which is in part of what leads us to the next part of the story.

One day, while exploring the forest, Talea found a hidden door. Within this door, was a small home. Obviously it was a cave, but it was also clearly made to be lived in. That is where Talea ran into her first vampire. Very fortunately, this Vampire was a bored, depressed vampire that was just tryign to keep out o the way to ‘contemplate the meaning of life’. Having company was a surprise, and realizing that company was a harmless Elven girl, struck up an accord.

So Talea learned fascinating things about vampires, and other creatures, and magic. The Vampire – Lord Xanak – likewise learned about Talea’s life. The farming, the low income, the day by day (or at least, for an elf, the month by month), and as well as some of her relationships. that was something they could both go bakc and forth with with some amusement – Xanak was a popular fellow before he changed, and sometimes even then. Romantic doings, logic if this and that, condolences for the relationships that didn’t work out…

Talea visited Xanak many times in secret, having developed a strange friend not unlike herself ( Some of those fey-blooded qualities had started manifesting at this point). Eventually, someone did notice this though. One of Talea’s former relationships, who Talea still cared for (complicated), Had taken to following her. He discovered LordXanak, and died.

To the rest of the community, this friend (May’tressic) had died by an animal attack.. It was sad, but supposedly innocent. He came back to life as a vampire spawn, and came looking for Talea.

It was a very chaotic night. There was shock, horror, dismay, sadness, and in the end, Talea ended up putting a stake through his heart, and putting him out somewhere the sun could then complete the task while she put garlic in his grave. She then went to see Xanak.

Not wanting to lose someone he had been conversing with, or be discovered but others, Xanak had done the expedient thing. He had also expected her not to find out (oops). Being confronted on the manner though, Xanak had overwhelming guilt to it happening. He decided it was time that he moved onin truth – and he told Talea what to do.

Having leftover garlic, Talea laced his coffin.with it, and his door. Sunlight arrived, and he became mist, but even though he could creep his way past the door, he could not get into his coffin, and thus perished.

It was a miserable, horrible, sad secret, and one that She has not shared since. In a way, she murdered two people she loved. In that same exchange though, Xanak had left her a parting gift. Among Xanak’s possession, a number of them were valuable, and were easily convertible into Gold, or others Talea knew would pay for them. Thanks to Xanak, her family was no longer so poor, and so long as they didn’t get overzealous, would live a comfortable life.

Exept for Talea. Given what had happened,s he couldn’t bear to stay around. Once her education in the way of Sorcery was complete enough for her to ‘learn by doing’, she was off. Her parents were none-the-wiser. Talea suspected that made lie a little more comfortable for them as well, being the ‘strange child’ that the forest had known and whispered about. It only made sense she should move on, both for her sake and theirs.

Along her travels, Talea had a msyterious encounter with a Fey – in the sense that her animal Companion was given to her. She was told he was ‘a gift for not being around more’ thoug hthe Fey in question would not say who claimed this responsibility. Argus is more than just an ordinary wolf, or so she was told. As she learned and grew, so too would his powers, and would hopefully be of help to her.

So, A wolf, a Sorceress, and a few misadventures later, walk into Fairhill (or Whitehedge?)…

Talea Neverwinter

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